Barton Perreira Filly Titanium "school Teacher/Professor" Look Eyeglasses!

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Brand: Barton Perreira
Style: Filly
Gender: womens
Frame Type: full-rim
Frame Material: titanium
Case: original
Color code: mtu/mre
Frame Color: matte red
Lens Color: demo lenses

The frame is sold with demo lenses that have a logo stamped on them in ink. The frame can be fitted with real lenses at most optical stores. This frame provides comfortable fit and flatters a variety of face shapes. The hardware parts of the eyeglasses are made of titanium. This material is known for it's durability, light weight and corrosion resistance. This metal is also hypoallergenic. It is recommended by eye doctors for people with sensitive skin who otherwise might be allergic to standard stainless steel metal frames. Original case is included. The glasses are made in Japan.

These eyeglasses retail for $480 at upscale stores that carry designer frames. Save your money and get them here! The pictures cannot fully reflect the beauty of this piece of designer eyewear. These eyeglasses look even more elegant in real life.